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Smart power saves power

Posted by (STMicroelectronics) on April 8, 2011
In ASN #17, End-User Apps, Power, SOI In Action
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ST’s newest SOI-based smart power technology delivers big reductions in power consumption in medical equipment, hybrid-electric-vehicle chargers and more. There is an urgent need for semiconductor technologies that can drastically reduce electrical energy consumption in consumer and industrial appliances. At STMicroelectronics, we have developed new SOI-based smart power technology that will make a significant difference […]

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Increased expectations, drastic reductions

Posted by (UC Louvain) on December 4, 2009
In ASN #14, Design & Manufacturing, In & Around Our Industry
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Ultra-low-power design has long been confined to watches, RFID or biomedical niches. But new horizons are opening with the increasing expectations for mobile and ubiquitous devices, and with scaling enabling system-on-chips to meet lower power targets while maintaining performance.

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SOI & the greening of electronics

Posted by (Soitec) on July 30, 2009
In ASN #13, Special supplement: SOI Industry Consortium
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The SOI Industry Consortium has a major role to play promoting the power-saving benefits of SOI. The SOI Industry Consortium has now launched the “SOI: Simply Greener” campaign.  Over the next few months, we’ll be reaching out to the industry and the press with this message.  But for our members, “green” is much more than […]

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