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Head of Microelectronics Lab, UC Louvain

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Smart Sense

Posted by (UC Louvain) on July 26, 2010
In ASN #15, End-User Apps, SOI In Action
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UCL researchers leverage SOI in a powerful, affordable sensor design. Medical challenge In pharmacology, medical diagnostics or security applications, sensors that detect micro-nano-objects like biomolecules, cancer markers or infectious agents need to be faster, smarter and more sensitive, but also more affordable. Design challenge There are many different approaches to integrated sensor-on-a-chip design, but basically […]

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Increased expectations, drastic reductions

Posted by (UC Louvain) on December 4, 2009
In ASN #14, Design & Manufacturing, In & Around Our Industry
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Ultra-low-power design has long been confined to watches, RFID or biomedical niches. But new horizons are opening with the increasing expectations for mobile and ubiquitous devices, and with scaling enabling system-on-chips to meet lower power targets while maintaining performance.

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