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Chair, SOI Industry Consortium

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SOI & the greening of electronics

Posted by (Soitec) on July 30, 2009
In ASN #13, Special supplement: SOI Industry Consortium
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The SOI Industry Consortium has a major role to play promoting the power-saving benefits of SOI. The SOI Industry Consortium has now launched the “SOI: Simply Greener” campaign.  Over the next few months, we’ll be reaching out to the industry and the press with this message.  But for our members, “green” is much more than […]

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Towards an Engineered Substrates Ecosystem: A Model for Collaborative Innovation

Posted by (Soitec) on May 11, 2007
In ASN #7, News & Viewpoints, SOI In Action
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The CEO and co-founder of Soitec shares his vision of how partnership speeds the proliferation of SOI and other engineered substrates. The advanced substrate community has made terrific strides in deploying SOI and reaping the benefits thereof. The current model of ad hoc collaboration – supplier-to-client, partner-to-partner, manufacturer-to-customer – has been instrumental in moving SOI […]

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