ASN #18 – FD-SOI (ST, ARM, Consortium, IC Knowledge); AMD & 32nm Bulldozer; NXP, EVG & more

SOI In Action

Interview: How NXP’s SOI Technology Enables Major Advance in Automotive Position Sensors
Guenter Reiniger, Marketing Manager for NXP's Automotive Sensors, explains how SOI helps eliminate the need for external components in a new magnetic sensor family.
By Adele HARS

FDSOI Processes are Cost Competitive with Bulk
A new study compares processes for the 20/22nm generation at a typical foundry.
By Scotten W. JONES (IC Knowledge LLC)

AMD Bulldozer Architecture Leverages 32nm SOI
With performance, efficiency, and power optimization as top priorities, AMD’s innovative Bulldozer architecture is built on 32nm SOI.

In & Around Our Industry

EVG Takes on 450 mm and SOI with Newest Wafer-Bonding System
EVG's new wafer bonding system is a fully automated tool for production-level fabrication of 450mm SOI wafers.
By Thomas GLINSNER (EV Group)

Bulk logic designs for mobile apps port directly to FD-SOI
Bulk logic designs can be ported directly to FD-SOI for high-performing, low-power mobile apps.

SOI Luminaries Earn Top IEEE Honors
The IEEE is once again giving two of its most prestigious awards to some of the SOI and advanced substrate industry's leading figures.

ST: FD-SOI for Competitive SOCs at 28nm and Beyond
STMicroelectronics sees its flavor of planar FD-SOI as an excellent response to the complex needs of mobile multimedia chips.
By Thomas SKOTNICKI (STMicroelectronics)

Advanced Substrate Corners

Driving Roadmaps
Highlights from the IEEE 2011 SOI Conference include presentations by ST, ARM, IBM, Intel, Leti, Peregrine, GlobalFoundries and more.

Special supplement: SOI Industry Consortium

Charting the Way for Porting SOCs to FD-SOI
Members of the SOI Consortium have released a major white paper addressing the porting of SOC designs from bulk to FD-SOI.
By Horacio MENDEZ (SOI Industry Consortium)

Considerations for Bulk CMOS to FD-SOI Design Porting – Key Excerpts
The latest white paper from SOI Consortium members is loaded with technical information. The full paper is available on the website. Here are some of the highlights.