ASN #16 – SOI & The Lighting Revolution; Wafers for FD-SOI

SOI In Action

Driving Light
SOI is poised to take center stage in the impending lighting revolution, with companies like NXP leading the charge. Here’s why.
By Adele HARS

SOI Demand Outlook
VLSI projects that a critical mass of expertise will support a fast transition to SOI designs at 32nm.
By Risto PUHAKKA (VLSI Research)

Let There Be (Better!) Light
SOI is a central pillar of NXP’s energy-efficient lighting strategy. In this exclusive ASN interview, Jacques Le Berre, the company’s director of marketing and business development for Lighting Solutions, explains why.

Newest Drivers Reach New Levels of Integration

Thinking Thin: NXP’s EZ-HV-SOI

In & Around Our Industry

Wafers for Fully Depleted SOI Devices: Ready for Volume
A technological tour-de-force, Soitec's wafers for FD SOI meet all the requirements
By Christophe MALEVILLE (Soitec)

Right Timing
ARM's verified the SOI SPICE models accuracy in its physical IP, helping designers to simulate their chips prior to tape-out as well as helping the foundries to tune their SOI SPICE models.

Advanced Substrate Corners

The 2010 IEEE SOI Conference
For 35 years the IEEE/Electron Devices Society’s SOI Conference has been the premier meeting of engineers and scientists dedicated to current trends in SOI.

FD SOI: Movers & Shakers at Tokyo Workshop
The third installment in the SOI Consortium’s ongoing FD SOI Workshop series, the Tokyo event was a major success.

GaN’s Bright Future
GaN-on-Si is moving towards becoming a cost-effective enabler for next-generation LED and power devices.

Self-Heating Effect and Variability in Gate-All-Around (GAA) Silicon Nanowire Transistors (SNWT)
Researchers in academia have partnered with industry to increase understanding of critical issues in advanced non-classical CMOS devices.
By Professor Ru HUANG (Peking University)

Special supplement: SOI Industry Consortium

The FD SOI workshop series: A Big Success
Now in their second year, these information-packed workshops are bringing in the key decision makers, and gathering ecosystem support.

What’s new: Design Clinics now online

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